As you will learn from training, Adelaide is the name of the girl who was the very first “Girl on the Run” in 1996.  She is also the girl who the GOTR logo depicts.

The beauty of being in Girls on the Run is realizing and activating our UNIQUE selves.  This means that you are encouraged you to make these lessons YOURS.

When you read through the lesson and plan for each session, feel free to make the activities work for the dynamic of your team and your specific set-up.  Each of you brings something special that cannot be replicated by any other coach.  The scripted curriculum is simply a vehicle for delivering your passion, dedication, and healthy spirit; that is what the girls will benefit most from.

All Advice from Adelaide will be posted on this page for your future reference.  Good luck, you are all awesome!

Curriculum #1


Here’s a tip for lesson 5 “Fueling our Healthy Pace”:


If you’d like, it might be a good idea to bring a picture of a Food Pyramid so the girls have a visual aid in understanding the lesson.  Go to for extra resources.


Here are a few reminders and tips for lessons 9 & 10:


Don’t forget to skip lesson 8 due to the condensed 10 week curriculum.  You might remember lesson 9 from the coaches training.


For lesson 10 Tracktionary Words, be creative and come up with your own word list that you KNOW the girls will love and have a good time with.


For lesson 10, the lap counters are up to you.  This workout illustrates the importance of working together to create something larger than one girl.  The goal being, they realize the power of teamwork and groups working as one.
For example, each girl can get 4-6 popsicle sticks (purchase at a craft store) and hand one to head coach as they complete each lap.  Assistant coaches can help string them together to create a “wind chime” decoration of sorts.  Then have the girls hang it in the school.
Another idea might be to play a hangman/wheel of fortune type game.  Where for each lap they run, they reveal a letter in a sentence.  Thus they have to work together to decode the secret phrase.
This is your chance to be creative!  Use whatever you would like from your coaches box and make the workout a fun one that re-enforces the value and power of teamwork.


Girls on the Run is half way done!  How much have your girls run so far?  If you’ve figured out the distance of the laps your girls are running, try to calculate what a 5k would be.  Now you can determine if your girls are at the half-way point of being prepared for a 5k.

Here are a few reminders and tips for lesson 11- Standing Up to Peer Pressure & lesson 12 – Standing up for Myself:


When you first teach the “Stop, Breathe, Listen and Respond” strategy to the girls, have them create hand motions to go with each phrase.  It’s a fun way to help the girls remember.


For the workout in lesson 11, if girls are uncomfortable about being written on or you feel nervous doing so, you may use washable markers or give the girls a piece of paper and write the letters on that.  It may also be useful to have baby wipes on hand.


Camera, lights action!  Let’s see those photos!  Sending your project coordinator pictures is fabulous, so thank you.  Let’s keep it up 🙂
Strengthening girls from start to finish…

Ask Adelaide – 4

Here are a few tips for lesson 18 – Tuning Into a New Message & lesson 19 – Learning About Community:


Don’t forget to skip lesson 17 based off of the 10 week curriculum plan.


In lesson 18 she mentions that you should “hold up the large version of the worksheet” this is something that you need to create yourself, it is not included in the curriculum or in the coaches’ box. Easy way to do it – take one of your poster boards and simply write:
What are the messages?
What info is missing?
Healthy or Unhealthy?


For lesson 18, use lap counters – if provided – from your coach box to spice up the workout a bit.             Be creative!


In lesson 19 the Getting on Board (GOB) involves a game of bumping and trusting…Bumper Trusters?? for lack of better words.  Here are some ideas:

If your team is small (both in quantity –  say, 11 girls, and actual size) play this game as one large group instead of two. If you have enough girls, feel free to keep two teams, but it might be easier to stay together depending on attendance.

Also, you can refer to the outside circle as the “trusters” and the inner person as the “bumper” this helps to eliminate confusion. To make sure you don’t have a girl inside the circle for too long, sing a song for the duration of each girls turn in the middle. You can sing a GOTR Energy Award song, “watch out cause here we come, watch out cause we’re girls on the run….etc” But, you can sing anything! Twinkle twinkle, London bridge, or one of their favorite songs or nursery rhymes.


The wrap-up in lesson 19 alludes to the community service/impact project that we do in the final lessons of GOTR.

You are free to do whatever type of activity you and your girls come up with. The only rule is that the project must be completed during the regular GOTR lesson time and on your school’s campus.

With that said, please feel free to guide the girls towards a project that you feel comfortable with and know will be successful in the allotted time we have left. Just be careful not to “tell” them what the project is, we want the girls to feel ownership and a sense of pride. So, when the time comes in the next few lessons, make sure you facilitate an open discussion that allows the girls to feel as though they have created their OWN project.

If you are looking for community service project ideas login in to the Coaches Portal at and click on the Resources tab on the toolbar. Note: username and password are provided to active coaches by the GOTR of Tucson program coordinator.


Camera, lights action! Let’s see those photos!

Ask Adelaide – 5

Here are a few tips for lesson 21- “Using Our Power” & lesson 23 – “Finishing Touches”:


In the Wrap-Up of lesson 21, the curriculum says to tell girls to wear their GOTR shirts to the next lesson for a special activity.  We actually skip that lesson, lesson 22, and move straight into lesson 23 (24 is also skipped due to the condensed 10 week program).

The point of the girls wearing their program shirts in lesson 22 is for them to decorate them with markers.  If you feel like your girls would have fun doing this and would still like to make it a part of your last lessons, please do so.  You will just have to find the time either during lesson 21 or 23.


In lesson 23, please skip the introduction activity (creating a thank you card for the person of their choice) and move straight into the Post-Survey.  In the curriculum it says to skip the Getting On Board to make up for having to take the survey, but please skip the card making activity and do administer the Getting on Board.  We wont have a time at our “Final Celebration” (aka the 5k) to hand out thank you cards.

The post-survey is needed to compare to the pre-survey for our records.  Do just as you did at the beginning of the season.  The surveys are in your coaches’ box and you can use your attendance roster to assign the girls’ numbers.


Because we skip lesson 24, you can make lesson 23 as much of a final celebration as you would like.  Please fill out the “Program Completion Certificates” found in your coaches’ box and hand out to the girls at the very end of lesson 23.  You can also give out what are referred to as the “Molly Awards” (Molly Barker – founder of GOTR)  We call them the Adelaide awards though, that’s “our” style,  however you are free to call them whatever you like.  Those are explained in lesson 24 in the curriculum.


Parental Survey –  This is the last unaddressed item in your coaches’ box.  Please hand this out to girls at lesson 21 and take back at lesson 23.  If they don’t return them at lesson 23, they can bring them to the 5k. (This is for our own council’s purposes, it’s not required by International, however it is a good way to get a read for the families opinions and make improvements for the next season).

“You go coaches!”  

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