Train for the 5k

Train for the 5K

To all Girls on the Run supporters and fellow: walkers, joggers, runners, hoppers, skippers, and jumpers!

Are you ready for the upcoming Girls on the Run 5k?!  Whether you plan to be a Running Buddy or you just want to help your Girl on the Run prepare; follow these three easy steps and reach your 3.1 mile goal!

 1. Discover Meet Me at Maynards  or Meet Me at La Encantada

Bring the whole family for an evening of  fun every Monday and Wednesday!
Walk or run a 1-4 mile route and be in the company of others who share your goal of leading a healthy and active lifestyle!

2. Download the 5k Training Guide.

This is a step by step guide writen by Jenny Hadfield who is a columnist for Women’s Running Magazine,,

3. Create a training schedule based on the guide.

Now put it to the test at Meet Me at Maynards or Meet Me at La Encantada!