Girls On The Run Ft. Lowell Polka-Dot Trot

The Girls on the Run of Tucson Spring 2012 season is in week 8!!  This week most sites will be participating in their Practice 5k and girls will be working on improving their cardiovascular and emotional stamina so they can do their best at the season-ending 5k on April 22nd.

 Ft.Lowell GOTR Practice 5k Spring 2012

Above and below are some pictures from the *very* successful Ft. Lowell Polka-Dot Trot.

Hear what went on at the practice run for the girls at Ft. Lowell elementary school from one of the many coaches that were present..

“The girls got polka-dot bandanas, polka-dot super hero capes, and various lap counters for each of their 13 laps around the field. On the backstop they ran around were polka-dot signs with lesson-influenced sayings and postitive statements about each girl. Every girl ran with a running buddy, and there were cupcakes as well as candy for the end. A highlight for the girls was the running buddies doing the banana energy award for the girls. The girls thought that was very entertaining. We’re very proud of our Ft. Lowell elementary girls. All the girls were enthusiastic and tried their very best last Thursday”.


GOTR Ft.Lowell Polka-Dot Trot

Running buddies having a blast during the practice run!

 The girls all had a blast while making their bodies stronger and durable.  The GOTR will all be involved with activities that will improve their cardiovascular and emotional stamina so they will be prepared for April 22nd, the season-ending 5k.


Strong and Mighty GOTR

Our strong and mighty GOTR after practice 5k !


We’re proud of all you girls! Keep up the great work.