Energy Awards

Energy Awards

Energy awards are one of the best parts of Girls on the Run!  They are simple cheers that are used to show gratitude for our friends as well as to celebrate a positive attitude.

Energy awards can be given for many reasons!  Here are just SOME of the reasons a Girl on the Run might recieve an energy award:

  • She has the courage to share her thoughts and feelings with her team.
  • She exemplifies caring by helping another girl.
  • She supports her team in achieving the lesson’s goals.
  • She cheers on a friend who was no in the mood to run but stuck it out and completed the activity anyway!

Here are a few sample cheers:

The Surfer – Mimicking that you are standing on a surfboard, riding the waves while coolly stating “Hoo-raaaaaay!”

Superstar – Jumping with your right foot forward and your arms extended overhead and joyously yelling “Superstar”!

The Lawnmower – All participants mimic that they are starting a lawnmower and then steering it in and out of the circle.

The Firecracker – Clapping your hands together and saying “MMMMMM” as you raise them above your head before thunderously yelling “Pop” with a sudden clap at the top of your head before bringing them down to your sides as if they were falling fireworks.

Boom Dynamite – Say: Who’s dynamite? “Girl’s name” is dynamite!  And when you mess with dynamite it goes (make the motion of a clock ticing down) tic tic tic tic, BOOM (stomp foot once), dynamite! Double-up BOOM BOOM (stomp twice) dynamite!

Fantastic – Think cleaning products:  Pretend to spray a cleaning product on a surfice and say, “ch ch ch”  then pretend to wipe the surface with a cloth while saying, “FAAAN TAAASTIC!”

Snaps – Snap as loudly and fastly as possible to celebrate.

Stomps – Stomp your feet and move around as fast and as loud as you can.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Flexing biceps above head say, “Super, super” then flex biceps below head and say, “girl power” using your best Arnol Schwarzenegger voice.

Silent Cheer – You have no voice and can make no sound!  How would you show excitment?

Round of Applause – Applaud for the girl moving your hands in a circular motion.

Kangaroo – look like a kangaroo and hop around.

Dead Bug – lie on your back and wiggle around like a not so alive bug.

Helen’s – Point thumbs-up to the left and say “ooo” point thumbs-up to right and say “ooo” point thumbs-up outward in front of you and say “yaaaaaa”

Go Bananas – (Hands above your head like a banana)

“Oo ee ah bananas, oo ee ah bananas”

“Oo ee ah bananas, oo ee ah bananas”

“Peel bananas, peel peel bananas”

“Peel bananas, peel peel bananas”

“Eat bananas, eat eat bananas”

“Eat bananas, eat eat bananas”

“Go bananas, go go bananas”

“Go bananas, go go bananas”

Hey Yo! – (Call and response)

“Hey” – “Hey”

“Hey Yo” – “Hey Yo”

“Yo” – “Yo”

“You go girl” – “You go girl, GO!”

Watch Out!

“Watch out cause here we come

watch out cause we’re Girls on the Run

I shake my hands and I shake my little hips

I want you and you to run with me too!”

Be creative! Come up with your very own energy award and share it with your friends, family and GOTR coach!

Check out Girls On The Run Berrien County Energy Awards on You Tube!